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Collecting minerals in a systematic way is an exciting and instructive activity. Going to the field searching for minerals is most exciting. You learn a lot about rocks, mineral-localities, ore-deposits, chemistry and nature in general. Most of the rare mineral-species occur only in small crystals and a stereo-microscope is needed to see it. To build up a beautiful systematic-collection it is enough to take only micromounts or miniatures (samples in size of 1x1cm up to 6x6cm). You do not need larger hand-specimen and the main advantages are: a good collection does not need too much space and too much money.

Nowadays there are much more then 5000 approved mineral species. Within 30 years of active mineral collecting in the field I have picked up about 1000 different species by myself and that is really a lot! To get the other minerals it is necessary to exchange or to buy. One more thing is important to get a beautiful mineral-collection. For all mineral species you should try to get typical well shaped crystals on which you see the attributes of mineral-species(lustre, colour, shape of the crystals, transparency and typical paragenesis). So always take care on good-quality-minerals. To look at esthetic high-quality-minerals is really a pleasure. It is awesome to dive into this micro-cosmos.



For a photographer it is a pleasure to take pictures from colourful sparkling crystals. For the systematic mineralogy it is a need to show very small objects (crystals are often smaller than 1 mm). For this task we have to use a special equipment and pc-programms to be able to use the new stacking method. The stacking technology is the base to show small crystals as 3-dimensional objects. We always try to produce high quality pictures to show you the typical characteristics of our minerals. We hope you like our samples and enjoy our pictures.


It is the subject of this shop to offer mineral species as typical well crystallized samples – whenever it is possible. In the category "systematic minerals" you find especially small and not well known mineral-species. Most of the samples are micromounts up to small cabinet sizes (1x1cm up to 6x6cm) from localities all around the world (especially from Chile, Former Soviet Union, Germany and Europe).

For specialized collectors we have different subcategories like Gold and Silver-minerals, Zeolithes, rare and very rare minerals, radioactive minerals, precious and semi-precious minerals, ….


Collectors who prefer cabinet sizes and larger sizes can find it in our category "esthetic hand specimen“. One of us has travelled in Russia and Kazakhstan for a long time. So minerals from Former Soviet Union are one of the main subjects as well as minerals from Chile and Germany. Expect unusual minerals from unusual localities in our category esthetic hand specimen.


Do you like polished minerals? A lot of gemstones, semi-precious and precious minerals show its beauty only after polishing. Not only Agates but also a lot of rare species show interesting structures and colours after having been cut and polished. We are always busy to present gemstones from almost unknown or new localities. If you like polished minerals have a look at our category "polished specimen“.


For collectors of well crystallized systematic minerals, hand specimen and polished samples it could be interesting to follow our webpage regularily. We will offer new mineral samples in our web-shop at the beginning of every month!

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